[Mono-dev] MonoDebuggerSupport.GetLocalIndex call ingmcs/symbolwriter.cs

Jakob Andersen jakob at intellect.dk
Fri Dec 16 19:10:30 EST 2005

I found the solution myself. And I have to admit that I remembered the
semantics of internal a bit wrong.

The internal class can of course be called from Mono.Csharp because the
Mono.CompilerServices namespace is included in the same assembly i.e.

Sorry to trouble you with my shortcomings :-)

Best Regards,
Jakob Andersen

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Hi All,

I am a bit puzzled about the call to MonoDebuggerSupport.GetLocalIndex(...)
in SymbolWriter.DefineLocalVariable(...)

As I see it the MonoDebuggerSupport is a internal class in the namespace
Mono.CompilerServices.SymbolWriter and can not be called in
SymbolWiter.DefineLocalVariable(..) that is in Mono.CSharp namespace?

Have I missed something here?

Best Regards,
Jakob Andersen

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