[Mono-dev] good IDE tool to work with MONO source codes in Linux?

Anna Ellis anna.ellis at allnewvideo.com
Tue Dec 13 05:07:42 EST 2005


I tried Eclipse..its a really good IDE to use if you are used to developing
in Visual Studio.  (I'm using c++).  But I haven't worked out yet how to
"plug" Mono to it unfortunately.  If anyone knows, please let me know :-)




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Q1) Why not to develop on windows and only run on linux?  
Q2) Have you tried http://www.monodevelop.org/Main_Page
Q3) Check anjuta (latest devel), btw, what do you expect from an IDE?
Instead of editing/compiling/debuging -> which you get from vi/gdb :-) 


On 12/9/05, Okehee Goh <okehee at gmail.com> wrote:

My question is quite off from this list. I'm sorry about that.

When work with Mono's windows version using Visual studio in windows, the
working environment was quite good. 
After switching to Linux version for some experiment , it becomes quite
difficult because only tool i use is vi editor and gdb.
Is there good IDE tool to work with MONO source codes in Linux (not for C# ,
but for mono codes)?

When googled, i got "anjuta". But, I'm a little afraid that it might be hard
to make integrated working environment for huge mono project with the tool?

Thanks for any tip.



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