[Mono-dev] Service crashes

Arnhoffer Károly karnhoffer at ecron.hu
Mon Dec 12 09:25:08 EST 2005

Hi all,

I am in the testing of a service application on Mono. This is a very simple multi-threading file server application. It usually works fine but when I overload it after a couple of time the process exits (without any log entries).
In this case the processor is working about 100%, the process load average increases dramatically (from 5 to 25 procs/min), then I shut down client requests but it does not help: the server process dies (and that is the problem: the server application must be restarted).

What should cause this? OS is SuSE 9.3 Professional. I think that the scheduler kills my process becouse of overloading the system but I am not sure...

Please help me!


Arnhoffer Károly
eCron Informatika Kft.
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