[Mono-dev] segmentation fault error always invokes exception?

Okehee Goh okehee at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 17:27:17 EST 2005

I was doing some experiment by modifying mono source.

What bothering me is that whenvere there is segmentation fault error (it
comes my modified mono part rather than  from managed application) , the
generated core file examined through gdb doesn't point out the place where
the error occured.

It always shows
#0  mono_handle_exception (ctx=0x4084d1ac, obj=0x0, original_ip=0x8129349,
    test_only=0) at mini-exceptions.c:559
#1  0x08070b36 in mono_arch_handle_exception (sigctx=0x4084d2a8, obj=0x0,
    test_only=0) at exceptions-x86.c:658

Is there a way not to jump to exception handling? So that it can shows the
actual place which caused the segmentation fault?
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