[Mono-dev] uClibc

Ben Timby ben at gohelios.com
Fri Dec 9 16:52:12 EST 2005

OK, some more info. Digging in with gdb, here is what is happening:

1. _wapi_collection_int() is called, which starts a new thread with 

2. pthread_create() calls clone, clone eventually generates sigsuspend.

3. the sigusr1_signal_handler() function in mini.c is called.

4. The signal handler calls mono_jit_info_table_find() passing as the 
first parameter the domain object, this is retrieved by calling 

5. mono_domain_get() uses GET_APPDOMAIN() macro to get the current 
appdomain, this macro refers to tls_appdomain, this value appears to be 
0x0, which causes the SIGSEGV.

Can anyone provide some insight into this?

Ben Timby
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Helios, LLC
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