[Mono-dev] AIX / Mono System Requirements

Bernhard Herzog schwimmlehrer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 12:20:24 EDT 2005


I have a newbie question about Mono regarding System Requirements. Short
Version: Does it make any sense to try to use/compile Mono under AIX right 
now? Or
should I better be using Linux and with which Kernel (2.4 or better 2.6?)?

Long version:
I have been a long time user of Java but it never really made me happy,
especially when it came to socket programming. I needed a separate Thread
for listening to a socket, i.e. memory for each socket, and when NIO came I
had to write my own Threadpool. And Java did not really seemed to be built
for Linux (Core dumps, out of memory, etc.). So I thought ok, I build my
chat server with Mono. I will have built-in Thread Pools, Asynchronous IO,
NPTL and epoll using Linux. And it's open source. Great! All my dreams come

Since this is a student chat I went to my university today to ask if they
would host it. They agreed (great!), but they are using AIX (64bit but
should compile 32bit as well) and not Linux (and cannot give me a root
accout as well). So my question is: Is it generally a good idea to try
running Mono under AIX? Can I compile Mono under AIX without trouble and
what will I have then? Does this mean no JIT, i.e. how well does the non-JIT
version run? Should I better get my own dedicated Linux server (or VServer)
somewhere else - which would cost me some money? When using a VServer, this
could mean Linux Kernel 2.4. Does Mono (for a Socket-Server and ASP.Net, no
GTK, but using Bitmap class) work well under 2.4 (no NPTL and epoll?).

Thank you
Any answer would be greatly appreciated
Bernhard Herzog

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