[Mono-dev] mono_aot_get_method, aot_mutex, and default_opt

Gary Smithrud gary.smithrud at haley.com
Wed Aug 31 15:10:53 EDT 2005

I'm sorry if this is a repeat (we had a power issue and I'm not sure  
that it got out), but I have not seen the original.  The issue is  
that mono_aot_get_method is coredumping on Solaris 8 in the  
LeaveCriticalSection because aot_mutex is NULL.  Default_opt is 0 and  
so I believed that mono_aot_init was not being called (I believe that  
that is the function name).  Unfortunately, when I commented out the  
check for AOT and forced the call to mono_aot_init, the aot_mutex is  
still NULL.  How do I get around this?

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