[Mono-dev] C++ to C# to C++ interop, how can I do this in a mono-compliant way?

J jaytau at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 19:01:49 EDT 2005

I am looking for a way of having a C++ exe integrate with a .NET dll.  I have a solution working under Windows (Microsoft.NET 1.1) however I would like to make this function under Mono.
Here are the details:
I currently am writing a C# wrapper of a C++ game engine.  (T2D by garagegames)  I wrote this on Windows (CLR v1.1) and the main way this works is by adding Managed code to the C++ engine (so now it is mixed Managed/Unmanaged C++) so it can directly call into my C# DLL, and using PInvoke to have the C# DLL talk balk to the C++ engine.
The C++ engine itself is OS agnostic (it works on windows, linux and mac), and I would love to make this C# wrapper work under mono, so that it is OS agnostic as well.
However, http://www.go-mono.com/faq.html#63  informs me that Mixed mode assemblies do not work under mono.
Is there any way to have this work under Mono?   Please realize that the basic need is to have 1 instance of a C++ exe call into a .NET dll, and have that DLL be able to then execute functions in the C++ exe that called it.     So this requires a mono-equivlant of PInvoke, plus a way to have the C++ app call the C# app. 
Help on this would be appreciated, otherwise it'll be Windows only!

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