[Mono-dev] Mono on OSX 10.4 (Cocoa and Threading)

Frank Bergmann frank_bergmann at kgi.edu
Tue Aug 30 19:56:21 EDT 2005


I'm using Mono 1.1.8 happily on Linux and now thought of running my
assemblies on OSX. Though I ran into two problems: 

1. My application uses three threads. The main thread initializes the
app and then manages a message queue. A next thread manages incoming
messages over a TCPIP protocol, and a last thread deals with outgoing
calls. This app works nicely under Win32/ms.net and Linux/mono ... 

The problem: under OS X the app gets stuck in the main thread and the
other threads never start. Is there any known issue with threads under
OS X? If so is there a workaround?

2. Another problem of more general nature regards the WinForms assemply.
After installing the mac package mono still seems to need an x-server
and default to Gtk. Is there a way to tell mono to use the Cocoa /
Carbon by default? 



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