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Let me point out, that moving the class per file thing was only one ever
several things that I suggested. As I mostly use VS I don't mind the issue
that much anyway. My suggestion was more along the lines of cleaning up the
code in general. The first step could be cleaning up the names of Variables
and maybe restructuring of some classes without adding files, etc. 
I can understand Miguels desire not to fool around on the base of the system
now that it is working and something like that should be done slowly and
carefully. My question was more basic in nature. I wanted to know if there
was any point in going through the motions and if there was any desire for
something like that because I'm working on the compiler from something else.
>From the short and direct answer I received I take that is not wished and I
think we should just leave it at that. Obviously the feeling is that other
things are more important right now which is fine with me just as well.

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> The following does not specific to mcs code it's my opinion about
> files:
> I think having a clean and well organized source code is required for
> efficient development.
> When splitting is done by copying files using SVN then removing
> parts from each file SVN history will remain. Then as a different revision
> modifications can be made to the files. This way modifications can be
> tracked.
> Don't you think this solution is acceptable?

No, it is not acceptable.

History is more valuable to those hacking on the compiler than having a
source code that does not have a file-per-class.

An acceptable hack is: modify MonoDevelop to support class-based
browsing of your source code.

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