[Mono-dev] COM Interop, or something like it

Ring, Kevin kring at agi.com
Thu Aug 25 16:27:17 EDT 2005



In Microsoft's implementation of .NET, it is possible to expose a class
written in C# via a COM interface.  This makes it possible (perhaps even
easy!) to instantiate C# objects and call methods on them from, say, a
native C++ application.


Does Mono have a capability like this?  In looking around, I've found
vague references to Corba and Bonobo interop, but no specifics.  It
doesn't matter much to me what specific technology is used, I'd just
like an easy way to instantiate managed objects and interact with them
from a native C++ application.  I know I can embed Mono, and call
methods that way, but it seems very cumbersome compared to COM interop.
Is there a better way?



Kevin Ring


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