[Mono-dev] Novell.Directory.Ldap in the Mono tree

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Aug 25 11:13:19 EDT 2005


> Miguel, do you think this change can be made? Can we get some contact
> developer in Novell to discuss the latest changes and to synchronize the
> code trees? Is it possible to switch the development to the common
> repository?

In my last contact with them (a very long time ago, more than six
months) they said something along the lines of:

	* We can not keep the trees in sync very often, but they	
	  can merge the code every once in a while.  Dont know
	  what that means to us in reality.

	* They seemed to be very busy.

	* They seemed to not want to move their development from
	  their current repository into ours.

My preference is for someone at Novell to take care of this merging, but
I see this as being a painful and not very responsive process.


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