[Mono-dev] Fatal Error In GC: Too Many Threads

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Thu Aug 25 09:54:08 EDT 2005

On 08/23/05 JD Conley wrote:
> I get this error message box in Mono under Windows running some of the
> more interesting tests that I have.  At the time it shows up there are
> 200 and some odd threads in mono.exe (which, I found this pretty funny,
> is less than an iexplore.exe process I have).  Basically all of the
> threads are in Sleep/Wait.  Why would I see this exception?  What can I
> do about it?

The default in the GC for windows is to use 256 threads MAX.
We should increase this.
Now, the fact that you have 200+ threads running: is that by design in
your app or is that a bug in itself?


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