[Mono-dev] GC_thread_register_foriegn and Solaris 8

Gary M. Smithrud gary.smithrud at haley.com
Wed Aug 24 13:51:32 EDT 2005

I'm attempting to get the 8/23 tarball to compile under Solaris 8 and
the function GC_thread_register_foriegn is undefined.  I've checked for
incorrectly defined #if around this function, but everything looks like
it is defined appropriate.  I've also attempted to mark this function as
a GC_API to export it to the library.  I am using gcc to compile.
Should this function be used on Solaris and if so does someone know how
to make it available (I did check the libmonogc.a for the symbol, but no
luck there either).  Thanks.

Gary M. Smithrud
Haley Systems, Inc.
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gary.smithrud at haley.com
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Subject: RE: [Mono-dev] Novell.Directory.Ldap in the Mono tree

> > I was wondering if there was any synchronization between
> > Novell.Directory.Ldap on Novell forge and Mono. I have noticed that
> > trees are currently fairly different. I'm trying to make a decision
> > which to patch, but I don't really know. I am leaning toward
> > the one on Novell forge since that seems to be the root, but then
> > if ever, would my fixes show up in the Mono tree? Would I be stuck
> > building my own version of Novell.Directory.Ldap for distribution?
> > there any particular reason why I should modify the one in the Mono
> > vs. the one in Novell Forge?
> Would you be interested in merging the changes from the official
> build into our tree?

That's certainly a possibility, but I wouldn't want to do it if it was
something that was going to have to be maintained in separate branches
going into the future. There really should be only one branch, maybe
with separate build scripts and some defines for Mono's TARGET_JVM and
anything else that's needed.
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