[Mono-dev] error: too few arguments to function `glitz_surface_create'

Michael Hutchinson m.j.hutchinson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 05:26:54 EDT 2005


I came up against this yesterday, building Mono on AMD64 Ubuntu Breezy...

> > Mhm, sounds like you got some form of Glitz installed, make sure cairo in
> > libgdiplus does not use it
> I /do/ have glitz and cairo development packages installed.  I started to
> remove these, but the dependency graph was a bit too complicated to justify
> the effort.
> ls /usr/include/glitz*
> /usr/include/glitz-glx.h  /usr/include/glitz.h
> I'm going to attempt what you suggested.  I'm a bit surprised the
> configuration scripts from svn are not handling this.

I guess the old version of Cairo (0.3.0) included in libgdiplus
doesn't interface with the latest version of Glitz. Firstly, it's not
necessary to remove Glitz and Cairo dev packages from your system.
Just pass --disable-glitz to the libgdiplus configuration script
(thanks latexer on #mono!)

That fixed it for me; hope it works for you.



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