[Mono-dev] the c# compiler code

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Sun Aug 21 13:33:54 EDT 2005


> I’m currently working on expanding the c# compiler for my personal
> syntax. (the /mcs code, not gmcs). As part of that I noticed that the
> compiler code is a bit messy and not well documented. I would touch up
> the code I run into while working on my own expansion. That would
> require creating new files to split some of the classes out of the C#
> files and renaming a few of them aside from restructuring the Methods
> and renaming some of them.
> Is there any point in spending time on that and is there interest in
> that?

We have no interest in integrating such changes into mcs.

The reason is not that I dislike the idea of splitting it up, but the
fact than the repository "history" would be rendered useless.

The history is a very important tool that we use to keep track of
changes, rationale, groupped commits and so on and it matters more to us
than the actual physical organization.


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