[Mono-dev] Need help with signal handlers.

Mike Hull mike.hull at coversant.net
Fri Aug 19 18:43:26 EDT 2005


I'm trying to pass signals received with signal.h into managed code.  
After I mono_runtime_exec_managed_code I can not receive signals using 
signal(sig,signal_handler).  If I don't mono_runtime_exec_managed_code I 
receive the signals just fine.

Currently I'm registering the signal handlers with an InternalCall of 
InitializeSignalHandlers(object daemon_instance) that receives an object 
with a HandleSignal(int signal) method on it.

I've also tried using the extern call Mono.Posix.Syscall.signal() with 
the same results.

I don't care whether the solution is in c or c#, but I am trying to pass 
of as much of the processing as I can to c#.

Can someone steer me in the right direction?

Mike Hull*
Coversant, Inc.

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