[Mono-dev] ad Error Building

Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 19 07:52:21 EDT 2005

autogen.sh is in SVN only and is used to generate configure and some other
things and executes configure at the end.

I don't know whether the error is in build procedure or at you but you can
use an existing mono installation instead of monolite for building mcs tree.


"make EXTERNAL_MCS=/usr/local/bin/mcs EXTERNAL_RUNTIME=/usr/local/bin/mono"

instead of just "make".

Use the prefix of the installation instead of "/usr/local/"


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> Hi,
>>Are you building mono from the tarball or svn and where are you trying
>>to install to? For the svn version (and IIRC, the tarball as well), it
>>should be
>>./autogen.sh [options]
>>make install
> I'm building from the tarball, there is no autogen.sh there. What I've
> been doing for a year (and I found in the README file) is:
> wget http://mono.ximian.com/daily/mono-
> tar xfz mono-
> cd mono-
> ./configure --prefix=/my/own/build/dir/in/my/home
> make
> make install
> The mcs binary is already included in the package. The problem is that
> starting from mono-, the packaged in mcs binary is not
> used, because it is mistakenly assumed to be wrong version. I'll write
> Raja about this problem.
> Tomas
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