[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Source list per profile

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Thu Aug 18 06:25:41 EDT 2005


"Ynon Koralek" <ynonk at mainsoft.com> writes:

> When building the libraries, each profile requires different source
> files especially with the “java” profile.
> That problem is solved today (for net_2_0) using #ifdef <PROFILE_NAME>
> enclosing the whole content of files but this solution is not IMHO
> very elegant.

I agree.  But, to join in on the chorus, it's very simple, and works.

> The solution we suggest is to use an .xml file which defines which
> source files need to be compiled for each profile.

That's somewhat complicated.  I can live with having additional
per-profile source lists: we'd need to fix up the 'make dist' code to
handle it, etc., but it would still probably be simpler.

> A new enclosed tool called gensourcelist creates a source file list
> from this xml file specific for the profile currently built.
> The included patch includes this tool, and the needed modifications of
> the Makefiles in order to build it and use it.

The modifications in the patch are insufficient.  How do you bootstrap
the mechanism?  What are the corresponding changes to 'make dist' to
pick the list of files from the xml file?

- Hari

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