[Mono-dev] Re: [Mono-devel-list] Error Building

Raja R Harinath rharinath at novell.com
Thu Aug 18 04:34:18 EDT 2005


"Jonathan S. Chambers" <Jonathan.Chambers at ansys.com> writes:

> I'm trying to do a build from SVN on a new machine (FC4). I got the
> latest from svn, and then I run the following in the mono directory: 

I was on vacation for the last two weeks.  Looks like I missed an
interesting discussion.

Are you still having the same problems?

> ./autogen --with-preview=yes --prefix=/home/jsc/mono_install
> make get-monolite-latest
> make

Looks good [1].

> I get the following error:
> make[5]: Entering directory `/home/cmh/mcs'
> *** The compiler 'mcs' doesn't appear to be usable.

Means that you don't have an 'mcs' installed.

> *** The contents of your 'monolite' directory are out-of-date
> *** You may want to try 'make get-monolite-latest'

So, the 'monolite' doesn't match the source tree.  Looks like you might
have hit the cusp between when the corlib version was changed in the
source, and when an updated monolite tarball was generated.

> Is it because I am trying to install to my home directory?

No.  It's a perfectly fine thing to do, and the recommended thing to do,
since you're building the unstable tree.

> Or is something else wrong?

It's got to do with the "release process".  We have a daily cronjob
that generates the monolite tarball -- it's built as a side-effect of
the daily tests:


- Hari


[1] In mono/README, we do mention that get-monolite-latest is somewhat
    risky, as borne out by this.

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