[Mono-dev] URGENT: Odbc-Exception-Error

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Wed Aug 17 03:51:53 EDT 2005

HI All,


view Days ago i postet Porblems with ODBC and Postgre.


One Answer was testet without solving the Problem so I send it to bugzilla –
without any Answer up to know.


Now I am running in Timeproblems for the Project because I can’t finish
important Parts of the Application and the Deadline will come! So I am
coming in Trouble if I did not found a Solution. Be so kind and let me know:


How did YOU work via ODBC with a SQL-Database – meaning: How did you build
Insert- or Updatestatements? And how did you solve the Problem with escaping
Signs like <’> or german Signs like “äöü” ? Or did you work with an other
SQL-Database in the descriped way without any Problems (*s*) ?


In short I am doing it like this:


cStmnt = “UPDATE ComanySTD SET” +

              “Name1 = ?,”

              “Name2 = ?”

              “WHERE PKey = ‘” + cPKey + ‘”


oCommand.Parameters.Add( “@Name1”, Textbox_Name1.Text.Trim() )

oCommand.Parameters.Add( “@Name2”, Textbox_Name2.Text.Trim() )



wich is working fine running under Localhost but makes an Error running
under Mono:


System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: [unixODBC]Unrecognized C_parameter type in

When changing to:


cStmnt = “UPDATE ComanySTD SET” +

              “Name1 = “ + Textbox_Name1.Text.Trim()  + ,”

              “Name2 = “ + Textbox_Name2.Text.Trim()  + ,”

              “WHERE PKey = ‘” + cPKey + ‘”


It works. But without excaping! And Signs like “äöü” will shown as
Crashed-Signs in a Textbox when showing a Record.


I am playing around with different Ways using Parameter like:


oCommand.Parameters.Add( “@Name1”, OdbcType.varchar, 36 ).Value =


but everytime the same Runtimeerror.


So – now I am at the end of my Nerves and my Knowledge. Hope, there is
anyone outside there, who can tell me, how he is using ODBC-Parameter


Many Thanks for ANY Help !!!


Jan Waiz



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