[Mono-dev] Re: [Mono-devel-list] [Patch] Publisher Policy support

Paolo Molaro lupus at ximian.com
Mon Aug 15 13:55:17 EDT 2005

On 08/13/05 Carlos Alberto Cortez wrote:
> > struct version doesn't conform to the mono naming conventions.
> > Use a typedef and something like MonoAssemblyVersion.
> This was based on the fact I wanted to keep it -at least initially- as
> private. We can rename it the way you want, however.

I just noticed we have already AssemblyVersionSet in domain-internals.h, so
please use that.

> > Why do you associate assembly bindings to domains? Since they are stored
> > in the GAC they seem to be valid for all the domains.
> That's the way they are associated in .Net in both 1.0 and 1.1. In .Net
> 2.0 they are domain neutral. So, it's a matter of deciding where we
> should put them.

>From my limited understanding of it, it makes no sense to have them
per-domain, unless there is also a separate mechanims to tell the
runtime about policy files that is per-domain. If the files are in the
GAC, you end up with the same copy of the policy info in each domain.

> > Since this stuff sseems to be used only in one file, there is no point
> > in exposing them in the headers.
> I needed it for freeing in mono_domain_unload, but since we are going to

This was missing from the patch.


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