[Mono-dev] Need help with Sockets

Bernhard Herzog schwimmlehrer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 04:45:05 EDT 2005


I have a Socket Server and Clients (see attached files). When disconnecting 
the clients the server does not receive exceptions on some of the clients. I 
have a cleanup routine that periodically checks the clients by sending some 
empty data. But this does not work for some of the clients (232 out of 360 
connections are still "alive" on the server after closing the clients).

Actually I created this client and server programs to test this particular 

But this problem does not show in my simplified test programs, but it does 
not work correctly nevertheless. The programs does work on MS .Net (BTW: The 
socket client program does not work on Mono for Windows, maybe this is the 
same problem that the MySql Connector is having on Windows in -> but 
this is a different bug).

Maybe someone can have a look, I would really appreciate that. I have not 
posted any bug reports yet (except for the one above). This is really a 
major issue for me (kind of a show stopper). Maybe I am doing something very 
wrong, I don't know. I am using on Suse Linux 9.2.

Thank you
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