[Mono-dev] Odbc-Exception-Error

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Sat Aug 13 06:07:52 EDT 2005

Hi Folks,


big Trouble in China! :-)


Working with ODBC on a PostgreSQL. 


While the ODBC did not support named Parameters and to be save about Signs
like the <’> in Textboxes, i am building my Update-Statements like this:


cStmnt = “UPDATE ComanySTD SET” +

              “Name1 = ?,”

              “Name2 = ?”

              “WHERE PKey = ‘” + cPKey + ‘”


oCommand.Parameters.Add( “@Name1”, Textbox_Name1.Text.Trim() )

oCommand.Parameters.Add( “@Name2”, Textbox_Name2.Text.Trim() )



This works fine when starting under Localhost.


If running in Mono I get an Error:


System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: [unixODBC]Unrecognized C_parameter type in
When changing the Statement to:


cStmnt = “UPDATE ComanySTD SET” +

              “Name1 = “ + Textbox_Name1.Text.Trim()  + ,”

              “Name2 = “ + Textbox_Name2.Text.Trim()  + ,”

              “WHERE PKey = ‘” + cPKey + ‘”




it works with Mono – but if there is an <’> in a Textbox it crashes. So I
have to escape special Signs manuel.


I found one Entry in Google, where one Developer will have the same Problem
– but there wasn´t any Answers what to do.


Someone here who can help me what I have to do?


Many Thanks in Advance for any Help !!



Jan Waiz

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