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David Srbecky dsrbecky at gmail.com
Fri Aug 12 16:40:03 EDT 2005

> On 08/10/05 David Srbecky wrote:
> As I wrote in my earlier reply, the feature requires a large amount of
> work.

Agreed, but there are two parts of this feature:

- Debugger and jit support
- Compiler support

I guess that debugger and jit support is really difficult, but I only
want some help with the compiler support - to be more specific, I need
to be able to 'hook' on the System.Reflection.Emit and be notified of
additions to metadata. I will handle the formating of the data and
updating of the state of MS runtime myself.

Mind that, I don't want you to do any Windows specific work. Everything
you do will be reused for Mono Edit and Continue when its time comes.

> I don't have any cycles to implement it, 

Anyone else? Could people in charge of metadata and
System.Reflection.Emit express their opinion?

> I can offer advice for where the jit and runtime may need to be changed.

I do not intent to change jit and runtime at all.

Is there really no-one who uses Windows? Don't you care about windows
developers at all? Is there no-one who wants state of the art IDE for
windows? I have spend ages developing free Windows .NET debugger and I
really would like to finish this last bit.

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