[Mono-dev] FieldValidater

Jan Waiz hamburg at icomedv.de
Thu Aug 11 08:09:09 EDT 2005

Are there any known Problems with the using of RequiredFieldValidator?


I build an Textbox-Class, that holds an Instance of the
RequiredFieldValidator-Class and add that to the Textbox via
this.Controls.Add(.) in the OnInit.


Overrding the Render-Methode I create the HTML-Output.


Testing this under Localhost on Windows everything works - running under
Mono the Render-Method will fail in producing the no HTML-Code for the


A simple "Yes" or "No" will be enough first :-)


If someone will have further Informaiton about using that, I would be very
nice to give me that Info. I am still running in a Circle with further



Jan Waiz


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