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Kornél Pál kornelpal at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 10 05:43:02 EDT 2005

There is a pending bug:

I marked it critical because it affects compatibility very much and it
wasn't altered by anyone so I think others thiks the same.

The poblem is not only at assembly loading because if you compile your own
assemblies using Mono they will have 2.0.3600.0 references while .NET FX
compiled assemblies have references to class library assemblies so
you cannot compile assemblies using Mono if you want to ensure .NET
Framework 2.0 compatiblity.

I have already created the patch andit's on the list:

(attachments are on the bottom of the page)

This patch may not be up to date.

But Ben Maurer does not want to see this patch in SVN until some major
modifications are done to the whole class library. I think he thinks I have
time to fix every possible issues before comitting a critical bugfix.:)

As he wants me to do some major updates if I want to commit the patch I
decided to centralize some other common assembly level attributes because
currently nearly each assembly in the class library has different
AssemblyInfo.cs design along with a lot of redundant attibutes that could be

I did not have yet enough time to do such a major class library level
AssemblyInfo.cs patch so the patch is partially depending on me
because I announced a future patch altough the patch could be used
without other patches.

According to my experiences such a big patch that affects all assemblies
takes a lot of time to be approved so I cannot tell you an exact date when
the patch


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> Any update on those patches? The incompatible version numbers prevents
> using MS.NET bootstraped compiler on mono, so it would be nice to make
> mono more up to date.
> Kornel, I could help in creating the patch.
> 05-07-29, Kornél Pál <kornelpal at hotmail.com> napisał(a):
>> > Disk space is cheap. I can get disk space for under $0.50 per Gigabyte.
>> > If you want to measure performance gains, they have to be in terms of
>> > time (reducing the number of pages read from disk: ie, show that you
>> > save at least 1 page from being read from the disk) or memory (show
>> > that
>> > you save at least one page of memory from being allocated due to
>> > mallocs
>> > that you save or from being kept paged in by the OS).
>> I belive that altough we could add some random rubbish to compiled files
>> like VB6 compiler does it's better not to include any unnecessary data in
>> files. The point of view hardware is cheap is not good I think. Users
>> could
>> buy faster CPU and more RAM as well altough it is more expensive than
>> HDD.
>> Saying we don't care about HDD is the same as Microsoft does and their
>> operating system is expanding without limits.:)
>> >>From Kornel:
>> >> BTW what about the patch?
>> >
>> > I'd still like to kill all the #if NET_1_1 crap in the files and use
>> > MonoConsts.FxVersion or something. It will save us pain in the future.
>> In this case I would like to do some more AssemblyInfo.cs centralization
>> (movig common attributes to a common file and using a common set of
>> attributes in all the assemblies with MS.NET attributes in mind of
>> course)
>> and cleanup because AssemblyInfo.cs files are a bit anarchistic
>> currently.
>> And adding AssemblyFileVersion attributes to all of the assemblies with
>> the
>> version you currently emit to the common MonoVersion.cs. And emit a
>> contant
>> instead of AssemblyVersion attribute that can be used in a common file.
>> Is it OK? (I mean on OK that in addition that it meats your/our plans on
>> Mono it will be approved if the patch is correct, without saying that we
>> want to wait until next millenium or 101 other patches should be
>> committed
>> before that one. Because I don't like to waste time on patches that will
>> not
>> be approved in a resonable time.)
>> Kornél
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