[Mono-dev] Please revert your changes.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Aug 10 01:20:08 EDT 2005


> > 		Type t = typeof (CustomAttributeBuilder);
> > 		Console.WriteLine (t.BaseType);
> > 
> > And it does not display anything.   When compiled with csc 8, it does
> > display _CustomAttributeBuilder.
> Huh? _CustomAttributeBuilder is an interface, so it obviously won't show
> up with the above code (not on csc 8 either) and it definitely exists in
> NET 1.1 SP1.

Sorry, I posted the wrong code snipped.

My other piece of code (now at work) calls:

foreach (Type t in typeof (CustomAttributeBuilder).GetInterfaces()){

And that code does not display _CustomAttributeBuilder.

And typeof(_CustomAttributeBuilder) fails to build.


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