[Mono-dev] Please revert your changes.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Aug 9 13:33:09 EDT 2005

Hello Gert,

    The changes that you committed to Mono to add .NET 2.x signature
compatibility break the .NET 1.x signature compatibility.

    I have not reviewed the entire patch in detail but I know that at
least things like this are wrong:

namespace System.Reflection.Emit {
#if NET_2_0
	[ComVisible (true)]
	[ComDefaultInterface (typeof (_CustomAttributeBuilder))]
	[ClassInterface (ClassInterfaceType.None)]
	public class CustomAttributeBuilder : _CustomAttributeBuilder {
		ConstructorInfo ctor;
		byte[] data;

     The problem is that now on the 1.x profile you are inheriting from
_CustomAttributeBuilder which did not exist in 1.x, and which should not
be exposed in the 1.x profile.  

     The interface should not exist, and it should not implement the

     Until today I had assumed that you knew about this, but given this
new tidbit of information, I think we must review every one of your
older patches and ensure that you have not broken the 1.x profile like

     Please fix this, or revert all of these changes.


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