[Mono-dev] DateTime.Parse difference with .NET

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Tue Aug 9 08:18:16 EDT 2005


>>>>>	But in [1] we find that format string we need to specify
>>>>>	as a
>>>>>valid format (see Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo) it is
>>>>>unfinished :-S
>>>>If we have corresponding format string, it is likely to work
>>>>like this case.
>>>	I guess I didn't understand the "unfinished concept" or
>>>	your
>>>answer... In other words... even if there are unfinished
>>>members on a class, and consecuently the class is marked as
>>>unfinished, is still the class usable? (I thought I
>>Originally there is no one who mentioned "unfinished concept"
>>so I just ignored it (and "[1]" as well). What are they?
>>What are you talking about? What are you asking about?
> 	Sorry, I forgot to paste the link (Ooops 0_o), actually [1]
> meant to be:
> [1]http://www.go-mono.com/docs/index.aspx?link=T%3aSystem.Global
> ization.DateTimeFormatInfo
>  	I hope it would answer that questions...

Ah, Ok. Well, in short, yes it is "unfinished" since we don't
copy & paste all date time format string that MS.NET returns
but we fill those strings from IBM ICU data (which is originally
from CLDR repository), optionally supplemental data based on
users' bug report. I think we can't "finish" that class.

Moreover, since DateTime.Parse() messed us for its inconsistent
behavior between DateTimeFormatInfo.GetAllDateTimePatterns()
(it does not return "all" date time patterns that DateTime.Parse()
allows :-/), we (at least I) have been adding those extra strings,
until I read that MS article. So today's our DateTime is not clear
and beautiful implementation. Maybe we need some kind of cleanup
and restructuring around there.

Atsushi Eno

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