[Mono-devel-list] Dynamic code generation and mcs

Tomi Valkeinen tomba at bat.org
Mon Aug 8 08:02:25 EDT 2005


I've been looking for an embeddable script language for .Net that would use 
DynamicMethod-class for code generation, to avoid the 
cannot-unload-assembly-problem. I haven't found any, which is understandable as 
DynamicMethod is still only in the beta 2.0 framework.

I was wondering how difficult (and sensible) it would be to modify mcs so that 
it would produce code for DynamicMethods. I'd imagine the job would be mostly 
of disabling things (namespaces, classes etc.), so that only the code for a 
single static method would be generated. Of course it should be possible to 
compile mcs as a library for this to work.

Or as an other option, how difficult it would be to copy the IL of a static 
method from a standard assembly to a DynamicMethod?

Anyone know any script projects that use or are planning to use DynamicMethods?

  Tomi Valkeinen

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