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Andrew Skiba andrews at
Sun Aug 7 10:30:27 EDT 2005

Hi Jonathan.

> For regression tests I write that rely on external files, I 
> usually have a "XXX-update" target.  For example, if "make 
> check" runs the regression tests, then "check-update" would 
> update the external resources.

Good idea. I'll separate the platform from the generation of results. So
if somebody has no dotnet, he'll be able to create a new test and
generate expected result for this new test on Mono. The same will happen
if some test fails on dotnet. For tests that I have expected results on
dotnet, I'll create initial results on dotnet. I'll commit them to
trunk/release/test-ext/ dir (as Atsushi did for xslt expected results),
so they don't make mono tarbal bigger.

> How would you do this for System.Drawing?  Probably extract 
> all the .NET
> Compare() code into Update() methods, place all the Update() 
> methods into a new .cs file, build that into a .exe during 
> `make test`, and then a `test-update` makefile target which 
> executes the new program.

Probably, I'll just set an environment variable in the Makefile, so when
Compare () sees that variable it will create expected result instead of

> For anything that would fail under .NET, mark the test with a 
> [Category("NotDotNet")] attribute declaration.  That way we 
> ensure the test keeps working under Mono but it won't be run 
> under .NET (thus avoiding spurious failures).

Thank you.


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