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The following demo show the basics of a client GTK# program consuming
a web service, just be cautioned that the demo used VisualStudio
facilities, but using the wsdl tool from mono as explained in the
first link you can have something working on Linux without much ado.


For help on creating your web services, see:


On 8/5/05, Alf C Stockton <alf at stockton.co.za> wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> > For security concerns (virus/trojans/etc.) normally web content isn't
> > allowed to interoperate with local programs. You must have things
> > "sandboxed" to prevent harm to your client system by malicious web
> > content.
> >
> > You can approach a need like your from many angles:
> >
> > -- Create browser component (a Firefox XPCOM/IE ActiveX component),
> > with a VERY thoughtfully SECURE design (for example requiring ssl
> > connection (certificate-signed) to just an specific URL to enable
> > gathering information from the serial) to embed in your page. This
> > means digitally signing packaging the component to be able to have it
> > trusted by the browser/system. The page javascript would possibly post
> > the information gathered by the component to navigate to the new page.
> > Commentary: A java applet would not be able to talk to the serial port
> > inside the browser sandboxed VM, so it isn't a choice here.
> >
> > -- Invert command: Embed the HTML viewer in the client application
> > that conducts all the operation securely just using the viewer to show
> > the results.
> >
> > -- Skip web content altogether: Write a good (GTK#) GUI application
> > for the whole issue, talking web services with the server.
> >
> > Clearly mono can be used easily for the last two suggestions, but
> > currently isn't able to  help implement the first one.
> >
> Please tell me how you would approach doing "-- Skip web content altogether"
> program. As I already have GTK C code that does the card reading surely all I
> need do is add the "talking web services with the server", but how.
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