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Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Thu Aug 4 21:50:22 EDT 2005

You need mcs to build mcs since it's written in c# :-) That's why you need a 
tarball or similar to get a working mcs.exe.

./configure checks the capabilities of the particular unix version you are 
running on, to figure out the proper compiler switches, include files, 
features, etc, that your system supports.

the configure script is generated when you run autogen.sh.

You could try 'make get-monolite-latest' to get a working mcs to bootstrap 
your build (see the mono README)


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I'm a bit confused. According to Paul's site, the first thing to do is to 
completely remove mono from your system (didn't really apply to me since the 
machine was clean). Are you saying I should install a mono tarball? Do I 
then remove it later?

Also, as a newbie, what does the ./configure do?


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On 08/03/05 Jonathan S. Chambers wrote:
> Thanks Paul. Unfortunately, that's what I'm going by :-(
> A few others have emailed me to say they have the same problem.

Until people don't report the issue, they won't get fixed.
The easy way to compile from svn is to first install
a recent released mono tarball. If you have already messed up
your mcs module, you migh need to rm -rf mcs/class/lib and svn update
the mcs module again. Then, just run autogen.sh in mono/ and
use the usual ./configure; make; make install.

If this fails, we need people to provide a useful error message,
which you'd get by compiling a sample C# program with mcs in your case.


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