[Mono-devel-list] fedora x86-64 packages?

Dan Berger dberger at oubliette.org
Wed Aug 3 01:50:49 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-28 at 01:46 +0300, Anton Andreev wrote:

>  Does any body successfully compiled all mono packages on Fedora Core 4
> x86_64? I failed ... If someone did can you please recompile them in a
> directory, tar and gzip it and release it somehow? or make a rpm? I can
> host such a package.  Would the Suse x86_64 rpms work on Fedora x86_64?

In the past I've struggled to get Mono built and installed on Fedora
(and RH9 before that).  I gave up a while back - it was sucking up too
much time.  

I'm now in the same boat - running FC4 x86_64, and unable to find
packages.  I've installed the 32bit installer - which works, but
requires installing 32bit versions of any libraries that applications I
want to build (f-spot, muine, ...) depend on.  It quickly becomes

I saw Ben's response that you can use the suse x86_64 RPMS, but that
gtk-# won't work - that's not really a solution, as such.

Mono has some real value, and more and more interesting apps are being
written all the time, but until getting the runtime installed on an
arbitrary distro is *easy,* I suspect it's uptake will be hampered.

I've never understood is why Novell doesn't (and Ximian didn't) make
working SRPMs or SPECS available that correspond with the RPMS they
distribute.  I'd be OK doing an rpmbuild --rebuild to get x86_64
packages, but installing without package management is just one of those
things I avoid whenever possible.


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