spam: suspected: Re: [Mono-devel-list] Graphics merge-in status

Andrew Skiba andrews at
Thu Aug 4 07:31:18 EDT 2005

Hello Jon.

Thanks for your answer.

I understand that ability to run tests without windows box is an
advantage. I thought to commit expected results in similar way we did
with XML tests.

By explicit "update" mechanism do you mean any particular technique?

Also, how do you suggest to solve the .NET bug problem?

> Might I suggest that you instead use an explicit "update" 
> mechanism to produce the reference results?  Requiring that 
> you create the reference results requires that you actually 
> have .NET around to produce them (which may not always be 
> true), and also means that if .NET has a bug we can't provide 
> a correct fix (bug-for-bug compatibility isn't always 
> desirable -- see all the fixes made to System.Reflection.Emit).
>  - Jon

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