[Mono-devel-list] Difference behaviour between Mono and .NET

Ernas M. Jamil ernasm at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 22:38:41 EDT 2005

I found there is difference behaviour between Mono and .NET on handling dataset
that filled from joined query and does not have spesific primary key.

Here is my test case:

String connectionString = null;
MySqlConnection con;

	connectionString =
		"Server=localhost;" +
		"Database=mysql;" +
		"User ID=user;" +
	con = new MySqlConnection(connectionString);
	MySqlDataAdapter myadapter = new MySqlDataAdapter("SELECT t0.* FROM
user t0, db t1 WHERE t0.user = t1.user;",con);

	con.Open ();
	DataTable dt = new DataTable();
	int count = myadapter.Fill(dt);
	Console.WriteLine("here count {0}",count);
	Console.WriteLine("here count {0}",dt.Rows.Count);
catch (Exception e)
	Console.WriteLine("exception {0}",e);


On Mono, I got output from test program:

here count 11
here count 6

But on .NET both lines has same number.

Anyone has idea what wrong with that, or I should filed that as bug ?

Many thanks,


Ernas M. Jamil

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