[Mono-devel-list] Merging our System.Drawing

Jordi Mas jordi at ximian.com
Wed Aug 3 03:03:10 EDT 2005

El dt 02 de 08 del 2005 a les 23:00 -0700, en/na Andrew Skiba va

> In any case, this patch is not mine, it's only a part of the merge.
> There are good chances we will write a test fixture for this class. As
> you can see, I write tests for all classes I deal with - starting with
> basic Point and Rectangle structs, then will follow Pen and Brush and so
> on.
> What is blocking us now is that our team is partly using our old
> ClearCase repository and partly new files from SVN, so I want to do
> merge ASAP so everybody can use SVN exclusively. If you can accept those
> merge changes without tests, I promise you will be flooded with unit
> tests in nearest days :-)

Please, commit the patch. Thanks for your work.


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