[Mono-devel-list] aot compilation working in windows

The Software Team software at solmersa.com
Tue Apr 19 13:52:49 EDT 2005

Hi.  It wasn´t usable, because "ld -shared" doesn´t generate a valid dll, so
I had to use gcc -shared --dll instead and it works now!.

Using it, I even was able to compile ikvm.gnu.classpath.dll to a valid dll
(9 MB) and aot is using it.

I'm attaching a diff file with the last aot.c.

Thanks for your advice.


PS: Some of the messages displayed from mono:

Mono-INFO: [Invalid UTF-8] AOT failed to load AOT module
ace\mono\mono\lib\mono\1.0\mscorlib.dll.dll: No se puede encontrar el m¾dulo

Mono-INFO: AOT loaded AOT Module for C:\other\Tests\funcstd.exe.

(funcstd.exe:3008): Mono-DEBUG: AOT FOUND AOT compiled code for FuncStd:Main
ring[]) 019B1330 - 019B1467 019B14F9

(funcstd.exe:3008): Mono-DEBUG: AOT FOUND AOT compiled code for
FuncStd:.ctor ()
 019B1470 - 019B149C 019B152B

(funcstd.exe:3008): Mono-DEBUG: AOT FOUND AOT compiled code for
FuncStd:Zdist (s
ingle,int) 019B1160 - 019B128A 019B14D0

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  Have you tested whenever the generated dll are actually usable ? You
can run mono
with MONO_LOG_MASK=aot MONO_LOG_LEVEL=debug env variables set to see
the debug messages from the AOT module. These show whenever the runtime is
to load/execute the AOT code.


On 4/18/05, The Software Team <software at solmersa.com> wrote:
> I have modified mini/aot.c to support the generation of native code dlls
> Windows (mono –aot). 
> Basically I just removed the .type name, at object in windows.  Also I wrote
> every exported symbol twice, with underscore and without.  With this I was
> able to build ahead  of time compiled dlls. 
> I´m attaching a diff, with the hope to have this included in mono.  
> Thanks 
> SDavila 
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