[Mono-devel-list] asp.net: globalization / CultureInfo

Rémy Schumm smr at zhwin.ch
Tue Apr 19 02:46:39 EDT 2005

Hi List

I've had a asp.net application working very well under Mono 1.1.4 and 
xsp 1.0.6 on SuSE Linux 9.0
The application is in German and relies on German formatted Dates like 
19.4.2005 (for April 19).
Since the last reboot, all the Dates in the UI show up in American 
manner: 4/19/05
No chance to bring it back to the German Date Strings.

I tried:
in web.config:
			 uiCulture="de_CH" />

in the axpx-File:
<%@ Page Language="C#" Culture="de_CH" uiCulture="de_CH" ...

The only things that happens with this two is that caracter encodings 
(Umlaute etc.) gets corrupted. The Date Strings remain in american.
The strange thing is that the applications worked very well before 
reboot - I cannot figure out what has been updated while reboot.

Additionally  found that mono --version says:
Mono JIT compiler version 1.1.4, (C) 2002-2004 Novell, Inc and 
Contributors. www.go-mono.com
         TLS:           normal
         GC:            Included Boehm (with typed GC)
         SIGSEGV      : normal
         Globalization: none

ICU is installed on the System.

--> question: what goes wrong?

	thanks for help,


Zürcher Hochschule Winterthur - ZHW
(Zurich University of Applied Science Winterthur, Switzerland)

Rémy Schumm, ZHW - T, E222, Postfach 805, 8401 Winterthur
dipl. Ing. FH, Assistent Softwareentwicklung, Dept. T,
tel. direkt +41 52 2677 490 gsm/mms/sms +41 79 21 1234 1
http://www.zhwin.ch/~smr  - PGP ID 0x59BA4E81 - Mac OS X Panther on G5
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