[Mono-devel-list] Change font size.

Anset Anset at anset.org
Thu Apr 14 07:27:05 EDT 2005


If you want to do complex things, you will need to use Pango.

If all you want is set a title in a bigger font and such, the easiest
way is to use either pango with textmarkups (you can add a label with
text = "<b>mytext</b>" or something like that and it will show bold) or
use a resource file (look at the style and resource gtk classes.)

I use the resource file approach.



Pablo Cardona wrote:
> Hello, I'm developing an application with gtk#, and I'm trying to
> change the fonts that is used in the application, to use diferent
> sizes of letters. I didn't find any class or method that changes the
> properties of the font used by the application. So I don't know if it
> is possible to change the fonts of an application, and if it is
> possible wich class can do it.

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