[Mono-devel-list] Unloading mono runtime dylib on os x

Joe Ante joe at otee.dk
Mon Apr 11 12:33:42 EDT 2005


I am embedding mono in a web plugin on os x.
Mono is embedded as statically linked library to the plugin and the plugin
is built as a bundle.

I need to be able to unload the bundle.

- Unloading the bundle[1] fails when mono is initialized.
- When i remove all calls to mono i can unload the bundle without problems.
- When i call only mono_jit_init and mono_jit_cleanup i can not unload the
bundle anymore.

Does anyone know what prevents mono from being unloadable?
Where is that code and is it possible to fix it?

Joachim Ante 

[1] A bundle in os x is a package with resources and dynamically loadable
code. In os x dylibs can not be unloaded but bundles can. There are some
notable exceptions, Eg. When the bundle uses any objective-c code it can not
be unloaded.

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