[Mono-devel-list] Plan for XSP Changes

Hubert FONGARNAND informatique.internet at fiducial.fr
Mon Apr 11 04:18:31 EDT 2005


	It will be great if xsp could have a "case unsensitive" option.
In fact i'm working on porting MS.NET app to Mono and I don't want to rewrite 
the original app.
I'm using apache2/mod_mono with the "mod_speling" module with some success...
but apache is hard to use for debuging ASP...
It would be useful that xsp has an --case-insentive option...

Le Vendredi 08 Avril 2005 08:53, Bill Middleton a écrit :
> Hi,
> Looks like a good plan to me, fwiw.
> I'd like to add Just a small feature request though, if you have time.
> I'd really like to have xsp provide a configurable output for errors.
> Right now it pretty much just does console.write() for everything,
> making it difficult to catch errors, especially in the mod-mono server.
> Thanks,
> Bill
> On Apr 8, 2005 6:22 AM, Brian Ritchie < brian.ritchie at gmail.com
> <mailto:brian.ritchie at gmail.com> > wrote:
> Based on comments from Gonzalo, Sebastien, and Miguel and I'm planning
> on making the following changes to the XSP code base.  Hopefully I'm
> not putting words in your mouth :)
> Please review...
> 1) Create 2 modules: xsp.exe & Mono.ASPNET.dll (Let me know what names
> you prefer for the modules)
> 2) Configure library to be compiled with both mcs and gmcs (for 1.x
> and 2.x profiles and controls)
> 3) Add a .pc file so third parties can link against it. I'm not
> familiar with the pkg-config stuff, so I'll need a hand on this one.
> 4) Divide existing code between the modules:
> - xsp.exe would contain all configuration options, functinality such
> as AddApplicationsFromConfigDirectory, AddApplicationsFromConfigFile,
> AddApplicationFromElement, AddApplicationsFromCommandLine.  It would
> handle console output, help messages, etc.
> - Mono.ASPNET.dll would contain the core HTTP Server.  In the future
> this would be further split into the new HttpListener class (.net 2.0)
> and ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET>  integration code.
> 5) Make class & method accessibility changes to limit the public
> "surface" of the assembly.
> 6) Add HTTPS support.  The core assembly will utilize the
> SslServerStream from Mono.Security.  Besides IP & Port, it will also
> require a SecurityProtocolType, X509 Certificate, and a
> PrivateKeySelectionCallback which returns an AsymmetricAlgorithm to
> the private key.  xsp.exe will be enhanced to allow the protocol
> types, certificate filename, private key filename & password to be
> specified.  This can be enhanced in the future to support other kinds
> of certificate stores.  Also, client-side certs will be looked at in a
> future round of changes.
> 7) Add OnCreateHost delegate to allow trapping of loading (or
> reloading) of application hosts.  This is useful for responding to an
> AppDomain reload after a config file or other change.
> Well, that's the basic plan.  Let me know what you think,
> Brian
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