[Mono-devel-list] compiling mono on ultralinux sparc - flaky?

Mark Crichton crichton at gimp.org
Sat Apr 9 11:05:17 EDT 2005

Zoltan Varga wrote:

>                                        Hi,
>  sparc/linux is not (yet) supported. We need somebody with the neccessary
>technical skills, motivation, and access to hardware to do the port. Since the
>sparc arch is supported, porting boils down do adding support for the
>between solaris and linux and their ABI.

Just to nail down specifics on this.  The sparc64 kernels do something 
completely different with respect to signal handling than other kernels 
on other architectures.  The struggle right now is to be able to unwind 
the stack after we catch the signal.  My current hack (which I *think* 
is in SVN) does some really ugly add-magic-number-to-pointer stuff I 
snagged from a Lisp stuff (CMUCL if I remember correctly).  However, 
that doesn't seem to work well either.

Basically, if someone knows how to get the info SIG_SAINFO would return 
on x86 on linux sparc, then we'd be a lot better off.

Mark Crichton

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