[Mono-devel-list] libgdiplus 1.1.5 - conflicting types

Jonathan J. Vargas R. jonathan.j.vargas at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 15:41:24 EDT 2005


libgdiplus 1.1.5 is not compiling because of a type conflict.

src/gifcodec.c defines two versions of a function differing by an
unsigned parameter.. in the header src/gifcodec.h there is only one
version of the function.

GpStatus gdip_save_gif_image_to_file (char *filename, GpImage *image);


GpStatus gdip_save_gif_image_to_file (unsigned char *filename, GpImage *image)
  return UnknownImageFormat;

GpStatus gdip_save_gif_image_to_file (char *filename, GpImage *image)
  return gdip_save_gif_image ( (void *)filename, image, TRUE);

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