[Mono-devel-list] Tests for System.DirectoryServices

Nigel Benns nigel_benns at rogers.com
Wed Apr 6 15:19:06 EDT 2005

I was just wondering... Is there anyway to specify that on linux it could
check ldap.conf.  I suppose this might cause problems because it could be
saved anywhere on the filesystem.

Is there anything else in mono that requires this type of ADHOC
programming that could be different on all platforms?

If so, why not impliment a Mono.config file?  That way you could have
different versions for different platforms, and distributions that include
mono could tweak it for their setup.  Even the DLLMap thingy could be
included in this under its own section as its another thing that the
MS.Net runtime doesn't do.

> Hello Boris,
>> I understand that use of machine.config or app.config is far from
ideal, but at least it can provide us with a basic solution.
> When things gets too complicated people quit. I don't think many people are
> gonna be runned the LDAP tests but I wouldn't want to discourage anyone. So
> the easier the better ;-)
> Why don't keep the environment variable (very simple) and point it to a
configuration file (XML or plain ASCII) ?
> That would mean:
> * that, by default, all non-network tests in
System.DirectoryServices.dll will be executed (here I'm thinking about
the few permissions tests already
> present _and_ future CAS tests);
> * it would be possible to check into SVN a configuration sample file
that any user can copy (so it won't get in conflict with SVN) and edit;
> * it would be possible to have multiple configuration files, e.g. if you
want to test against different LDAP servers (machine or software);
> * all configuration could be done in a single place whatever the
runtime/version you are using.
>> Do you think there is a better way to provide a "default" behavior,
either at DirectoryServices or Ldap level, such that it will be easily
configured for each client application?
>> The trivial solution - default is "LDAP://localhost:389", does not
looks satisfactory and, in addition, does not provides a solution for
base dsn.
> Without a valid configuration file I would simply ignore all tests
(requiring a server). This is similar to what I'm doing for the CAS
tests. If someone doesn't exclude them (default for "make run-test") and
doesn't supply --security to the mono runtime, then they are all ignore
(and nicely
> nunit still shows them as ignored when they aren't excluded).
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