AW: [Mono-devel-list] System.ServiceProcess development

Jörg Rosenkranz joergr at
Tue Apr 5 02:50:53 EDT 2005

Hello Ben,

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> From: Ben Maurer [mailto:bmaurer at] 
> Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 11:44 PM
>       * I think it would make sense to have mono --daemon or 
> something.
>         `mono' does not use, it statically links 
> to libmono.
>         This has a huge performance advantage. By linking to 
> libmono we
>         experience two disadvantages: 1) we have to deal with the
>         performance problem since libmono is shared and must have PIC
>         code, which is slower, 2) if somebody runs the "real" mono, we
>         end up having two versions of our code loaded into 
> memory. This
>         is bad as it uses up more physical ram and costs extra disk
>         seeks. This would also solve:

This makes sense to me. Even better might be the managed solution
which Rafael spoke about in
and which Miguel is trying to do now. This should run on most systems
which support Mono.Unix, but I haven't found a solution for the 
managed fork problem.

>       * If we keep this around, can we rename the directory to
>         `service-deamon' or something. The `mono' at the beginning of
>         `monodoc' is messing up bash completion ;-(.

Feel free to rename it. 


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