[Mono-devel-list] Patches for FreeBSD (and other BSD flavors, likely)

Flash Dict flashdict at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 06:36:23 EDT 2005

Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> Threads are really fun.  If you want to make your head asplode then take
> a look at this summary of the Mono/FreeBSD threading issues:
> http://forge.novell.com/modules/xfmod/maillist/archbrowse.php/bsd-sharp-list/2005-March/000164.html?id=1498&prjname=bsd-sharp&mlname=list
> The links to the freebsd-threads@ emails are very useful too.  Actually,
> the whole thread is pretty useful, the links are just a few snippets.
> Keep in mind that very recently on -CURRENT libthr is now David Xu's
> libthread which he mentions in one of the emails.  It would be nice to
> see Mono work with libpthread and avoid libmap.conf to get Mono to work
> right, but I'm all for what works. 

Gah.  Just Gah.

However...  my current build of svn with 5.4_PRERELEASE
kernel/userland passes all but 10 tests.  7 of those are related to
SIGFPE needing a working handler, and the rest are NullReference
exceptions.  Both of these can be fixed and work against -lpthread,
and sigcontext (I think) for older BSD systems.

Your test code which simply invokes Process.Start('ls') also crashes
on my build, though - apparantly due to the same threading problems
discussed by Xu in his excellent analysis.  I wonder, naively of
course, if it may somehow be possible to provide a working
Process.Start without a complete migration (and prerequisite for)
-CURRENT 6.x and __thread/-lthr.

I'll look more at it later, but this is quickly going over my (now
exploded) head  too.


> Tom
> (PS. Feel free to subscribe to the BSD# mailing list, you can get to it
> from the link in my sig.  A good number of the FreeBSD users interested
> in Mono are on there.)
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