[Mono-devel-list] got a pkg-config clue Re: clue re: glib versionitis ?

Charlie Ford charlie_ford at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 30 16:54:22 EDT 2004

Hi -

> I realize this isn't quite a mono question (though my goal is to run 
> the System.Windows.Forms GUI that I've now compiled), in trying to 
> ./configure for  libgdiplus-1.1.1 , I'm told:
>    configure: error: "Did not find Glib >= 2.2.3"

today I learned about the dependence of pkg-config upon PKG_CONFIG_PATH 
and the need for the latter to refer to the directories containing the 
<pkg-name>.pc file(s) for the libraries of interest .

linux 101 I guess.

I also had to mess around with symlinks for .h's & lib's to get 
libgdiplus to build .

Thanks to members of this list for their kind assistance.


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