[Mono-devel-list] Forms guidance: m.w.f vs. s.w.f ?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter at novonyx.com
Wed Sep 29 14:56:57 EDT 2004


While we call it Managed.Windows.Forms, to be able to distinguish it from 
the previous effort, the namespace is still MS compatible.

That means your app still needs to reference "System.Windows.Forms" to use 

Is the rest of your Mono installed into /usr/local ?


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Date: 29 September, 2004 12:48
Subject: [Mono-devel-list] Forms guidance: m.w.f vs. s.w.f ?

>Hi -
>    I want to try out a simple gui. I've got recent ("Mono JIT compiler
>version") bits. mcs isn't happy yet. Do I need an env
>variable or other configuration setting ?
>    I've done as recommended in
>http://www.mono-project.com/contributing/winforms.html#installation and
>indeed when I `make install` in mcs-1.1.1/class/Managed.Windows.Forms, I
>get a
>System.Windows.Forms installed into the gac (/usr/local/lib/mono/gac)
>   message, and I can compile & run "console" programs (no gui) with no
>   When I  try `man Form1.cs` I get:
>Form1.cs(12) error CS0246: Cannot find type 'System.Windows.Forms.Form'
>   and when I try `man ManForm.cs` I get:
>ManForm.cs(12) error CS0246: Cannot find type 'Managed.Windows.Forms.Form'
>  What does it take to get a  Form/Button/etc. ?
>   I also tried Managed.Windows.Forms.System.Windows.Forms.Form just for
>fun, no soap.
>TIA ,
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